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We stand behind the toughest truck bed covers on the market today.

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We build the toughest truck bed covers on the market and we stand behind them. DiamondBack products come with a limited lifetime warranty which guarantees both the manufacture and parts of the cover. Fill out the product registration form below. If your DiamondBack needs some help, just give us a call.


We’ve built the DiamondBack to handle just about anything you can throw at it—literally. We build 'em tough and with you in mind. However, there are always exceptions. Here are a few things this warranty does not cover: exceeding the respective load ratings, misuse, improper installation, damage due to accidents, corrosion, alterations that modify the DiamondBack design and function, and lack of care and maintenance. Other than that, if you're the original owner, we’ve got you covered.

DiamondBack Commitment

At DiamondBack, we care about your experience with our products and we commit to giving you the best customer experience and service possible. If something happens that you don’t like or something goes wrong, please let us know at 1.800.935.4002 or email us at and we’ll try to make it right. Chances are it’s an easy fix, but if a repair or exchange is needed we’ll help you through the best solution step by step. Be sure to have your serial number, purchase receipt, place and date of purchase handy when you call.

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Rugged Black

Truck Covers reinforced with Rugged Black. The toughest covers on the market, now with the toughest coating in the world.

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