DiamondBack LT tonneau cover is made from aluminum diamond plate, not plastic.

Affordable and not plastic.

The DiamondBack LT is a metal tonneau cover that costs the same as ABS plastic tonneau covers but with superior features. Now you don't have to settle for something that looks like a sheet of plastic and doesn't keep your things secure.

Durable by default.

DiamondBack LT tonneau cover is durable by default

The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover is not meant for hauling on top. Its diamond plate aluminum construction, however, still makes it an very durable tonneau cover. Made of .063" 3003 alloy aluminum diamond plate, the DiamondBack LT tonneau cover won't tear like vinyl. It'll hold up to all forms of weather without you having to worry. In fact, because it's aluminum, there's a good chance it'll actually outlast your truck—and that's a good feeling.

DiamondBack LT tonneau cover is tough and stylish

Tough and stylish.

A tough and stylish look doesn't have to be expensive. It's the diamond plate look and you can get it in two ways. The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover is available in a brite aluminum finish or in a Rugged Black finish.

Security for all.

Two keyed lock handles on the tonneau cover's access panels keep your things secure by actuating "deadbolt"-style locking rods that lock directly under the bed rails. This is quite different from other price-conscious tonneau covers that lock into tracks or brackets. It's top-notch security for all.

Metal lock handle of DiamondBack LT tonneau cover
Locking rods of DiamondBack LT tonneau cover End of locking rod of DiamondBack LT tonneau cover

DiamondBack LT tonneau cover provides weather protection

Protection from Mother Nature.

The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover keeps water out of your bed using a thick neoprene compression gasket that runs the perimeter of the cover to keep your gear dry. Center panel gutters channel runoff away from your bed when you open the tonneau cover's access panels.

DiamondBack LT tonneau cover provides easy access to your truck bed

Quick and easy access.

Everyone knows that when you put things in your truck bed and go somewhere, chances are that when you go to get them, they've slidden to the front of the bed. Never fear. The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover gives you quick and easy access to the front of the bed so you can easily get to your things. No more climbing into the bed and then doing the military crawl to get your gear. Just open and grab. Simple.

Removable Panels

The DiamondBack LT tonneau cover has two detachable access panels, weighing only up to 30 lbs. each, that are easy for one person to remove and store. Panels connect with stainless steel locking hinges that prevent detachment until panels are tilted past 90 degrees.

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