Customer Reviews of the DiamondBack ATV Carrier

Customers love their DiamondBack ATV Carrier. Learn what
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The DiamondBack ATV Carrier is excellent. The ease of use and durability set this truck cover world apart. The installation of my HD cover and the ATV package was very simple and as long as you read the directions first you will have no problems.

— Alvin from Maryland

Now the ATV can come camping with us (without taking up all that precious cargo space in the box). I purchased the DiamondBack ATV Carrier side loading package after failing to find a canopy that my quad would fit under for my 2007 Toyota Tundra. Problem solved!

—Pete from British Columbia

Absolutely love it! I’ve had my cover for some time now and have had zero problems. I’ve put coolers, ATVs, and all other sorts of heavy stuff on it and it’s been great. I have the Rugged Black version and haven’t been able to scratch or chip any of it off. This thing is awesome!

—Devin from Texas

I have loved my DiamondBack cover for about 8 years now. It has been the best cover I have ever had.

—Steven from West Virginia

Installed the DiamondBack ATV Carrier, the rear loading package. Just bought the Rear Extension and will install soon. Rear loading works great for my Polaris Sportsman 550EPS. Plan to install the Rear Extension so I can also haul my Polaris RZR. HD Cover is everything I expected and more. Just did our first trip with Sportsman on top and it road like a dream. Better yet, I had the entire truck bed for camping cargo, gas cans, and such. Fantastic product.

—Clyde from Pennsylvania

I have had my cover for about 6 years now and it still performs perfectly.

—Gary from California

I can say that the HD cover is AWESOME. Just to let you guys know, I transport two full size ATV on a short bed dodge using the bed extender. Total distance covered: 5500 miles. Drove from Anchorage, Alaska to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Cover did an outstanding job keeping everything in the bed dry and secured. I have had a lot of people staring at the cover. It has to be one of the best things that I have gotten for my truck so far. Thanks guys for an outstanding product.

—Joseph from Alaska

I own the HD cover and constantly haul my ATVs. This product is absolutely amazing! This is the best investment I have made in my pickup truck. Will always recommend this to anyone looking for ATV hauling!

—Jeff from Kentucky

I have the Diamondback HD cover on my Chevy 2500HD pickup. I regularly have things strapped on the top of the cover. I get tons of compliments on the durability of the cover. I am extremely happy with the cover and have owned it for over 5 years now. Excellent product, well worth the money!

—Jeff from California

I love this truck cover!!

—Brian from Wyoming
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This has been the best accessory for my truck. I love this cover. Owned now for 3 years. I use the heck out of it. Took it off my '08 when I sold it and put it on my 2012. Last week I hauled 20 sheets of plywood, 24 1x4s on it and a couple of days before that, was moving a queen bed, box spring and a futon with all the blankets etc. in the bed. This weekend, the 4-wheeler is going on it and we are headed to the lake. This cover Is sweet. Best Investment Ever!!

—George from Oregon

I have been hauling my ATVs around on trailers for years. Always concerned with parking, filling up with fuel, know the routine. I am so glad those days are over! The side loading package of the DiamondBack ATV Carrier that I recently purchased leaves me amazed. It installed easily, is easily removed if needed, and turns a lot of heads! It’s hard to imagine why I did not look for this product earlier. It would have saved me time and allowed me more trips, as I am also able to now tow my travel trailer with me. It saves the cost of a hotel room, talk about return on investment. I would recommend to anyone who has a quad or just needs to have hauling capacity while being able to store light weight items in a secure dry location.

— Anthony from Michigan

I had several other covers on my trucks before I found the DiamondBack. Since I installed this cover not only have I recveived tons of compliments on how good looking it is when empty, but I receive the looks of wonder and amazement when I have the ATV loaded. It does the job of hauling, keeps your stuff dry looks good and is easily removeable! What more would you want from a cover?

—Scott from New Jersey

Love my Diamondback cover!

—Steven from Colorado

Great answer for carring two ATVs and pulling your camp trailer. DiamondBack ATV Carrier is very easy to install and looks great. ATV ramps are very sturdy and make the side loading easy with no worries of falling off. Great design makes the top very strong and stable to haul both my Grizzlies any where I want to go.

—Ken from Alaska

Mine is still going strong and looking GREAT after 5 years of use. One of THE BEST covers you can buy.

—John from the U.K.

This is as advertised. I have had one for 2 years and it looks like it was installled yesterday.

—Bob from New Hampshire

My DiamondBack cover is bad a**! It works great and looks even better! And just in case someone is on the fence, DiamondBack takes great care of their customers!

—Brian from Illinois

I LOVE my DiamondBack Cover!!!

—Rob from Michigan

I have had my DiamondBack on my Tundra for 3 years now and I'm in construction and it comes in handy. Plus I use it for my 4-wheelers and it makes life easy. Also, it looks great.

—John from New York