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What's the warranty on a DiamondBack ATV Carrier?

Lifetime for most components. Please see our warranty page for more details.

Will my ATV or side-by-side fit?

That all depends on the wheelbase of your ATV and the truck that you have. You can go to our ATV Fit Guide where you'll be able to check the maximum wheelbase possible for the DiamondBack ATV Carrier for your truck. It's broken out by side loading and rear loading.

Won't hauling ATVs on top of an ATV carrier like this make my truck top-heavy?

Hauling ATVs on top of a DiamondBack ATV Carrier will raise the center of gravity of your truck. But not as much as a heavily laden ladder rack or a drop-in camper would. So just avoid sharp turns at high speeds.

How do I access my cargo bed when I have ATVs on top of a DiamondBack cover?

Through the tailgate, which opens and closes independently of whether there is any load on top of a DiamondBack HD cover. Folks using a DiamondBack Extension Deck or DiamondBack Rear Extension will get a shim kit as part of their package to lessen the weight on top of the tailgate and keep it openable.

The rear access panel of a DiamondBack HD cover on a long bed truck will also remain openable if you load one ATV on the front half of the cover.

Can I load my ATV up one side and drive it off the other (so I'm always facing forward)?

No. The upshot of DiamondBack Side Rails being so easy to put on is that they must remain in place when your ATVs are on top of the DiamondBack HD. So, you'll load and unload down the same side of the truck.

What straps do you recommend to secure my ATVs and how many?

We recommend four ratchet straps per ATV. We also recommend you follow your local DOT regulations governing load securement on flatbeds.

I lost my DiamondBack Owners Guide. Can you send me another one?

Yes. In fact, you can go to the Owners Guide page where you’ll be able to download the Owners Guide for your DiamondBack product immediately.

How hard is it to install a DiamondBack?

Not hard. You'll need to know how to use a hex key, a socket wrench, and a drill. It also helps to have a second person present. Please have a look at our owners guides for more details.

How are DiamondBack HD covers mounted to the truck bed?

With four truck cap clamps. One clamp is placed under each corner of the center, stationary panel. The two access panels are then attached to the center panel using slide-on hinges. Each access panel has lock rods that hold it down when closed. Our owners guides can give you more detail.

Does the cover come with all its weatherstrip already on?

Yes, with one exception. In addition to the the neoprene gasket that's pre-affixed around the perimeter of your DiamondBack truck bed cover, most late-model pickups will need a single piece of weatherstrip stuck to the top of the cargo box bulkhead before the DiamondBack goes on. We provide that strip coiled up in a small, plastic bag that's included in the same box as your clamps and gas springs.

How easy is it to remove a DiamondBack?

Easy. Have a look at our Removable video for more info.

Are DiamondBack covers clear-coated?

No. Clear coating often yellows over time and ends up looking horrible. In addition, scratching clear coat results in a magnified scratch that reflects off the mirror finish of the diamond plate and looks worse. You can buff out scratches in aluminum, but not in clear coat.

Is it possible to keep my DiamondBack shiny?

Yes. Since a DiamondBack truck bed cover is made of polished diamond plate aluminum and isn't clear-coated, you can use an aluminum polish to preserve its shine. We prefer Flitz, but any automotive aluminum polish will do. Typically, once or twice a year will do. If you live in a saltier or harsher-weather region, you might have to polish more often.

Do you spray the Rugged Black or do you have someone else do it?

We do it in house!

I lost my DiamondBack Owners Guide. Can you send me another one?

Yes. In fact, you can go to the Owners Guide page where you’ll be able to download the Owners Guide for your DiamondBack truck bed cover or accessory immediately.