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Ford SE HD 270 180
Super Duty
2017 – Current
Long Bed FS17-SEL FS17-L FS17-270L FS17-180L
Short Bed FS17-SES FS17-S FS17-270S FS17-180S
2008 – 2016
Long Bed FS08-SEL FS08-L FS08-270L FS08-180L
Short Bed FS08-SES FS08-S FS08-270S FS08-180S
1999 – 2007
Long Bed FS99-SEL FS99-L FS99-270L FS99-180L
Short Bed FS99-SES FS99-S FS99-270S FS99-180S
2015 – Current
8' Box FF15-SEL FF15-L FF15-270L FF15-180L
6.5' Box FF15-SES FF15-S FF15-270S FF15-180S
5.5' Box FF15-SEC FF15-C FF15-270C FF15-180C
2009 – 2014
8.0-ft. Bed FF09-SEL FF09-L FF09-270L FF09-180L
6.5-ft. Bed FF09-SES FF09-S FF09-270S FF09-180S
5.5-ft. Bed FF09-SEC FF09-C FF09-270C FF09-180C
2004 – 2008
8.0-ft. Bed FF04-SEL FF04-L FF04-270L FF04-180L
6.5-ft. Bed FF04-SES FF04-S FF04-270S FF04-180S
5.5-ft. Bed FF04-SEC FF04-C FF04-270C FF04-180C
Ranger (T6 "Global")
2012 – Current
6-ft. Bed FR12-SES FR12-S FR12-270S FR12-180S
Ranger (Domestic)
1994 – 2012
6-ft. Bed FR94-SES FR94-S FR94-270S FR94-180S
Chevy, GMC SE HD 270 180
Silverado & Sierra
2014 – Current (except ‘14 2500/3500)
Standard Bed GS14-SES GS14-S GS14-270S GS14-180S
Short Bed GS14-SEC GS14-C GS14-270C GS14-180C
2007 – 2014 (except ‘14 1500)
Long Bed GS07-SEL GS07-L GS07-270L GS07-180L
Standard Bed GS07-SES GS07-S GS07-270S GS07-180S
Short Bed GS07-SEC GS07-C GS07-270C GS07-180C
1999 – 2007 (classic)
Long Bed GS99-SEL GS99-L GS99-270L GS99-180L
Standard Bed GS99-SES GS99-S GS99-270S GS99-180S
Short Bed GS99-SEC GS99-C GS99-270C GS99-180C
Colorado & Canyon
2015 – Current
Long Box GC15-SES GC15-S GC15-270S GC15-180S
Short Box GC15-SEC GC15-C GC15-270C GC15-180C
2004 – 2013
Standard Bed GC04-SES GC04-S GC04-270S GC04-180S
Short Bed GC04-SEC GC04-C GC04-270C GC04-180C
Dodge SE HD 270 180
2009 – Current (except ‘09 2500/3500)
8' Bed DR09-SEL DR09-L DR09-270L DR09-180L
6'4" Bed DR09-SES DR09-S DR09-270S DR09-180S
5'7" Bed DR09-SEC DR09-C DR09-270C DR09-180C
2002 – 2009 (except ‘09 1500)
8' Bed DR02-SEL DR02-L DR02-270L DR02-180L
6'4" Bed DR02-SES DR02-S DR02-270S DR02-180S
Toyota SE HD 270 180
Tundra (append "TK" for deck rail system)
2014 – Current (must specify with/without deck rail system)
Long Bed TU14-SEL TU14-L TU14-270L TU14-180L
Standard Bed TU14-SES TU14-S TU14-270S TU14-180S
CrewMax TU14-SEC TU14-C TU14-270C TU14-180C
2007 – 2013 (must specify with/without deck rail system)
Long Bed TU07-SEL TU07-L TU07-270L TU07-180L
Standard Bed TU07-SES TU07-S TU07-270S TU07-180S
CrewMax TU07-SEC TU07-C TU07-270C TU07-180C
2016 – Current
Standard Bed (73.7") TA16-SES TA16-S TA16-270S TA16-180S
Short Bed (60.5") TA16-SEC TA16-C TA16-270C TA16-180C
2005 – 2015
Standard Bed (73.5") TA05-SES TA05-S TA05-270S TA05-180S
Short Bed (60.3") TA05-SEC TA05-C TA05-270C TA05-180C
Nissan SE HD 270 180
Titan (append "TK" for Utili-track)
2016 – Current
Long Bed NT16-SEL NT16-L NT16-270L NT16-180L
Standard Bed NT16-SES NT16-S NT16-270S NT16-180S
Short Bed NT16-SEC NT16-C NT16-270C NT16-180C
2004 – 2015
King Cab Long Bed NT04-SEL NT04-L NT04-270L NT04-180L
King Cab Short Bed NT04-SECL NT04-CL NT04-270CL NT04-180CL
Crew Cab Long Bed NT04-SES NT04-S NT04-270S NT04-180S
Crew Cab Short Bed NT04-SEC NT04-C NT04-270C NT04-180C
Frontier (append "TK" for Utili-track)
2005 – Current
Long Bed NF05-SES NF05-S NF05-270S NF05-180S
Standard Bed NF05-SEC NF05-C NF05-270C NF05-180C
Honda SE HD
2017 – Current
all HR17-SEC HR17-C HR17-C HR17-C

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